…but taste amazing.

I’m not going to lie, every time I go to Costco, I always end up leaving with a box of chicken pot pies.  I’ve always known they were pretty unhealthy, but how bad can they be, right? Terrible.

Let’s put it this way, one pie has 35g of fat and 14g of saturated fat…. yeah, that’s right 14!!!!!   Pretty sure they are about 700 calories too (forgot to check and I’m not all about to go digging through the trash to find out).

This got me interested… what was it about the pie that’s so bad?  I mean, they are full of veggies and chicken and other items that are good by themselves.  Well,  I did a little research and here’s why:

- The veggies (carrots, peas, etc) are not fresh, but canned, which on their own are not healthy for you.

- The crust is probably the worst for you because of the processed flour and carbohydrates.

- The “moisture” aka the gravy = generally not good for you.

- The sodium content.  These things are jammed pack full of salt, can cause cortisol stress.

With all those combined, it really equals some terrible eating, but the taste is amazing!  Next time someone tells you that chicken pot pies are healthy for you, you will know better and be able to sound smart… then give the pot pie for me to eat.

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